Timetables & Tickets for Elafonisi (2023)

Departure Time: Everyday at 09:00
Arrival at Elafonisi: 09:45
Return Time: 15:00

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults 25€ (Round trip) / 15€ (One way)
  • Kids 20€ (Round trip) / 10€ (One way)

Visit the enchanting Elafonisi, admire the natural landscape and enjoy its unique beaches.

We organize excursions in small groups up to 12 people or individually (privately), via fast boats or speedboats.

*Reservations in advance, at least 1 day before.

Departure: 09:00

Return: 14:00

Travel time: 30 minutes

Total duration of the trip: 4 – 5 hours

Speedboat: «KOURSAROS 2» & «POSEIDON»

Visit the enchanting Elafonisi, Kedrodasos and the beach of Viena, admire the natural landscape and enjoy its unique beaches.

We organize excursions in small groups up to 11 people every THURSDAY or individually (privately), by fast boats or speedboats, DAILY, morning and afternoon.

*Bookings in advance, at least 1 day before.

Departure: 09:00

Return: 13:00

PRICE FOR GROUP: 35 euros per person (ELAFONISI) 4 hours

PRIVATE PRICE: for “KOURSAROS” boat for 2 people 260€ (20€ extra for each additional person)

PRIVATE PRICE: for “POSEIDON” boat for 2 people 300€ (20€ extra for each additional person)

Route duration: 30 minutes

Total excursion duration: 4 hours

Speedboat: “KOURSAROS 2” length 7.5m, 300Hp (shower, 1 cabin)

Speedboat: “POSEIDON 3” length 8.50m, 350Hp (kitchenette, W/C, 2 cabins, shower)


Take a private cruise or excursion to Elafonisi

Is this the best beach on Crete? Elafonisi beach, facing the small island of Elafonisi off the southwestern corner of Crete, is cherished by visitors and locals alike for its lagoon-style expanse of crystal blue water.

At Selino travel agency, we offer a range of cruise and excursion packages to groups, couples and individuals, allowing you to experience Elafonisi how you like. Whether you prefer to travel by boat or car, we can arrange the ideal itinerary to include Elafonisi and the nearby beach Kedrodasos, which we will tell you about on this page.

Be entranced by Elafonisi

With its captivating shallow waters and pink coral sand, Elafonisi takes the title of “Crete’s best beach” for many. Because of its relatively remote location on the island, you can also experience a corner of Crete which is away from the crowds – it just takes a short walk away from the main part of the beach to find areas that are much quieter.

Our guides will be happy to escort you to these lesser-known sections of Elafonisi, where the shallow water makes for ideal swimming conditions for children. There is a nearby chapel and lighthouse to discover, a wide variety of plant life, and the higher you explore, the better view you can enjoy of the wider area. Trust Selino travel agency’s experienced guides to lead you on the best trails around Elafonisi!

The contrast of Kedrodasos

Just a few kilometres east of Elafonisi lies Kedrodasos, another superb stretch of coastline that possesses a character all of its own. The beach is noted for its juniper trees and a cedar grove, giving it a wild and untamed feel which is very much in contrast to the crystal lagoon of Elafonisi.

This is a secluded beach with no retail facilities, but whether you are visiting from a private cruise boat or a land excursion with Selino Travel Agency, our guides will ensure a comfortable trip that allows you to take in all the natural beauty on offer. If you are heading to Elafonisi, why not incorporate the unique surroundings of Kedrodasos into your itinerary.

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